1000 Gifts

Changing course, changing perspective, choosing joy, finding grace gifts everyday from Him who is the Giver of all good gifts…

1. my God and Savior who ransomed me

2. cozy home

3. faithful, patient husband

4. children who walk in Truth

5. wonderful son-in-love

6. dedicated, like-minded community

7. birthday boy’s joyful hug

8. compassionate ears

9. friendly hugs

10. loving friend’s birthday

11. grace given for a teachable heart

12. a magical banquet

13. an internet heart friend

14. days of quiet rest

15. eyesight

16. the rustling of husband’s papers

17. son’s job

18. God’s faithfulness in the present

19. His Grace in the future

20. like-minded believers

21. sweet fellowship

22. firmly held fist of the Spirit

23. tears that cleanse and release

24. growing pains

25. grace received from others

26. trustworthy children

27. voices lifted in worship

28. assurance of His coming

29. vindication

30. the dance of children

31. the healing of worship

32. inspiring blogs

33. appointments with clients

34. quiet

35. difficult discussions

36. being stretched

37. 3 years at the center

38. receptive ears

39. reading to children

40. grace in the mess

41. the right to vote

42. the study of the Word

43. being His possession

44. when others see change

45. a successful diet

46. long phone conversations

47. seeing God at work

48. being a vessel to help others

49. my husband’s voice on the other end of the phone

50. words being written again

51. lessons learned

52. worries averted

53. those who fought for our country

54. long conversations with my daughter

55. Father’s care and protection

56. Gentle Strength

57. fresh perspectives

58. words fitly spoken

59. prayer

60. a heart’s passion

61. a finished blog post

62. old pictures

63. sweet memories

64. good news from daughter

65. redemptive beauty

66. husband who stops to listen

67. life-Deut. 30:19-20

68. a warm fire

69. a rainy day

70. Father’s arms

71. seeing with new eyes

72. good reads

73. grace through the years

74. new perspectives

75. joy

76. resurrection

77. dandelion wine

78. a quilt bought at last years auction

79. Sabbath rest

80. warm conversations

81. weekend phone calls

82. unwavering Truth

83. raindrops clinging to bare branches

84. hum of pellet stove

85. belonging to the Beloved

86. beauty in grey skies

87. the faithful change of seasons

88. covenant relationship with God

89. Bible study since 2001

90. New discoveries in God’s Word

91. Difficult relationships that stretch us

92. finished quilt

93. laughter

94. support and care of friends

95. children’s voices in prayer

96. the privilege of mentoring

97. sale on wood pellets

98. day of accomplishment

99. car ride with friends

100. Awesome Creator who has everything under control

101. quick conviction of sin

102. gift of repentance

103. Faithful and Just who forgives

104. that I am not the sole person whom God can use

105. God’s place of those who speak life into others

106. rising early

107. morning quiet

108. challenge of the Word

109. being alone

110. Psalms

111. He does not let go

112. husband’s care and concern

113. hugs

114. unhappy stomach that causes rest

115. one knitted sock finished and one nearly so

116. fears exposes and dealt with

117. discernment

118. His counsel

119. certainty of the seasons

120. One who orders the seasons of Life

121. calming music

122. private tears

123. knowing Him

124. being known

125. being understood

126. One who walks beside

127. safe arrival of quizzers

128. good news from faraway friend

129. middle of the night phone call was not an emergency

130. restful sleep

131. grateful son

132. husband’s good guidance

133. friend’s faith which encourages

134. corporate worship

135. freezer filling by other’s hunting

136. review discussions

137. Lovingkindness to those who fear Him

138. son who sees blessing upon blessing

139. grace to encourage hurting hearts

140. experience of good relationships

141. comfort of routine

142. answers to prayer

143. friend’s short hospital stay

144. good news from far away

145. poetic words that touch the heart

146. The Word who reveals Himself in the written word

147. His Reign forever and ever

148. love that covers a multitude of sins

149. covenant, covenant, covenant

150. Father’s prompting another to pray

151. He speaks

152. husband safe after travel on icy roads

153. pajama day

154. day of no obligations

155. text of blessing from daughter

156. tears exchanged for joy

157. daughter’s pregnant belly pictures

158. husband and son sensitive to tears

159. baby quilt to make

160. Savior’s help

161. gratitude’s glue

162. one-feeling dwelling heart

163. having empathy with those who are not giving thanks

164. Beth, who ministered and told me to say what I need to say

165. The Word through song

166. kindred spirits

167. social media

168. perfect love casting out fear

169. the pen

170. Covering

171. a personal email

172. community

173. friend’s listening ear

174. safe place to confide

175. Faithful Father

176. grace again and again

177. faithful prayer warriors

178. emotional role-plays

179. changed hearts

180. mentors who model

181. catch up conversation in the midst of busy schedules that strengthen, challenge, and           uplift the soul

182. smiles of a little boy who loves words

183. baby girl’s dimples

184. husband’s generous and serving heart

185. father and son’s laughter

186. playing game with my guys.

187. in-laws 53 wedding anniversary

188. friend who comes to help cut up venison

189. those who are supporting daughter

190.  gifts that are special to a mother’s tender heart (little did I realize when I sent the              antique rocker with my daughter last summer that I would be rocking my grandson            in the same rocker that I rocked my babies in….so special for me to anticipate right            now.)

191. dear and faithful friends

192. facebook friend’s who care

193. cause for prayer, because I get to go before the Father

194. need to grow

195. gift of Life

196. Light

197. warmth

198. getting into the house after being locked out in the cold

199. continual safety in many years at the railroad for husband

200. miracle of the oil

201. calm of candles

202. words that give wisdom leading to salvation

203. director who took time to talk

204. conversation with friend

205. email encouragement

206. sisterhood

207. timely words fitly spoken

208. old verses, new meaning

209. clothes of condemnation exchanged for robes of righteousness

210. frost on trees

211. wonderful guidance through airport

212. farmer and wife on plane

213. grace and shalom through traffic

214. time with daughter

215. close friends’ texting

216. strength for daughter during labor

217. answered prayer from the Giver of Life

218. Benjamin Daniel

219. Shalom

220. the hard thanks

221. tiny hands and feet

222. being an odd duck

223. seeing as others do not see

224. previous tasks that prepare for now challenges

225. a little body in my arms and on my chest

226. a new father’s tears

227. new friends

228. prayer warriors

229. faithful friends

230. good news from home

231. phone calls from husband

232. life from struggle

233. peace from the Word

234. Father’s guidance and watchful care

235. Righteousness of God

236. knowing and being known

237. sunlight and shadows on keyboard

238. Word who knows how to communicate

239. Him who holds all wisdom and understanding

240. times of refreshing

241. fireworks at stroke of midnight on New Year

242. crimson clouds at break of dawn

243. melody in head and heart

244. men who miss

245. completed projects

246. pictures

247. surprise gifts

248. seeing

249. being home when pellet stove began to smoke

250. quiet days alone

251. privilege to pray for others

252. son’s caring friends

253. carpet of clouds

254. home

255. son-in-law who expresses blessing

256. daughter’s gladness at having me there

257. being able to bless and bring life

258. majestic mountains

259. welcome home by fellow advocates

260. comforting words spoken from comfort given to me

261. breath

262. healthy baby

263. life words

264. encouraging friends

265. Providence of God

266. eyes

267. hands that hold

268. arms that hug

269. difficult evaluations that stretch

270. growth

271. thinking outside the box

272. friends who let you express your frustration

273. seeing from a different perspective

274. friends who speak Truth

275. continual protection of husband while working long, extended hours

276. safety in Appleton

277. back free of pain

278. healing tears

279. Keeper and Sustainer of my life

280. corporate song

281. He who never slumbers nor sleeps

282. Husband safe after minor car accident

283. Husband who shows covenant love

284. God who knows details of our being

285. baby boy’s big eyes

286. warm weather

287. friend’s who appreciate

288. new songs that uplift

289. clean rooms

290.  The Glory and the Lifter of my head

291. Notes To Aspiring Writers Going Deeper study

292. Intertwining of written word and Word Incarnat

293. my words and His Words

294. my journal

295. unholy people to make holy

296. being conformed to the image of His Son

297. His Picture