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Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. Psalm 118:29

holy experience

Having found fresh perspective by reading A Holy Experience,  I have begun my own list of 1000 gift of God’s grace to me everyday.  I am also seeking beauty in the messes of our everyday world.  Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

God’s Gifts of grace:

  1. my God and Savior who ransomed me

2. cozy home

3. faithful, patient husband

4. children who walk in Truth

5. wonderful son-in-love

6. dedicated, like-minded community

7. birthday boy’s joyful hug

8. compassionate ears

9. friendly hugs

10. loving friend’s birthday

11. grace given for a teachable heart

12. a magical banquet

13. an internet heart friend

14. days of quiet rest

15. eyesight

16. the rustling of husband’s papers

17. son’s job

18. God’s faithfulness in the present

19. His Grace in the future

20. like-minded believers

21. sweet fellowship

22. firmly held fist of the Spirit

23. tears that cleanse and release

24. growing pains

25. grace received from others

26. trustworthy children

27. voices lifted in worship

28. assurance of His coming

29. vindication

30. the dance of children

31. the healing of worship

32. inspiring blogs

33. appointments with clients

34. quiet

35. difficult discussions

36. being stretched

37. 3 years at the center

38. receptive ears

39. reading to children

40. grace in the mess

41. the right to vote

42. the study of the Word

43. being His possession

44. when others see change

45. a successful diet

46. long phone conversations

47. seeing God at work

48. being a vessel to help others

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