One of the links in my RSS reader took me to a video from Samaritan’s Purse ministries’ Operation Christmas Child.  As I viewed the story of little Lejla, growing up in war torn Bosnia,  receiving the shoes she so desperately needed, tears streamed down my cheeks.  As the tasks of the day came like a flood, however, the video receded to the background.

It was a center day, a day that I volunteer at our local crisis pregnancy center.  The moment I got there a client was waiting in the reception area.  This was going to be a busy day.  Since I began working at the center 3 years ago, this ministry has become a passion. You pour your heart and soul into the pain of another trying to comfort and encourage, trying to bring hope to a girl’s shattered dreams.  What will she face when she walks out those doors.  Will she be able to stand on her own?  Will she be able to reach out to the One you have pointed her to?

Many are the days we don’t hear from clients we have had in the past.  Whether it be the 15 year old who didn’t want to tell her parent that she was pregnant, ended up with a negative test, but didn’t have the time for you to tell her that by waiting until marriage to have sex she could save herself the fear and pain of an unplanned pregnancy and abortion.  Or, the woman who is abortion vulnerable whose life is in such a shambles that you wish you could just walk with her through each and every day of her pregnancy.  There are also the women who don’t have the normal comforts of friends and family to support them, you want to be there to encourage and be a sounding board, to ease their burden and their pain.

On this particular day, I must confess, I gave in to worry.  I should have done such and such, I didn’t think of this brochure I could have given, what could have happened, why didn’t this other girl want to come back…. etc, etc, etc.  Words from my director not to worry, as she so often tells me, fell on deaf ears.

At home, the pictures I had ordered arrived.  I had taken photos of Gentle Strength the last time I was with her. I jumped in my van. Since she is a faithful prayer warrior for me she asked me how things were going at the center.  I told her of my discouragement and worry over some of my clients.

“Just think, God is even more concerned about them than you are.”

Tears begin to flow.

“And what about the two that you led to the Lord last year.  I have been praying for them.”

“Well, they haven’t been back and they are in God’s hands, they belong to God, He will take care of them.”   Yes, I heard the words that came out of my own mouth.  They were piercing.

We chatted about other things since it had been a few weeks since we had seen each other.  Our favorite topic is the Lord.  I told her about the video I had seen earlier that morning and about the things I was learning in the Word and the things I am writing about.

We always end our time in prayer.  Gentle Strength prayed for the clients at the center.  She prayed that God, who had given shoes in a Christmas box to a little girl in Bosnia would take care of every need of the girls at the center.

Why don’t I trust Him more?

For His Name’s Sake.

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