I’ve been blown away by God’s love in showing His grace in the last week.  Have been wanting to write a decent post today to explain, but words haven’t come.  Too many distractions today.  I will simply update my list and hope to write later in the week.

Grace gifts # 49-100

49. my husband’s voice on the other end of the phone

50. words being written again

51. lessons learned

52. worries averted

53. those who fought for our country

54. long conversations with my daughter

55. Father’s care and protection

56. Gentle Strength

57. fresh perspectives

58. words fitly spoken

59. prayer

60. a heart’s passion

61. a finished blog post

62. old pictures

63. sweet memories

64. good news from daughter

65. redemptive beauty

66. husband who stops to listen

67. life-Deut. 30:19-20

68. a warm fire

69. a rainy day

70. Father’s arms

71. seeing with new eyes

72. good reads

73. grace through the years

74. new perspectives

75. joy

76. resurrection

77. dandelion wine

78. a quilt bought at last years auction

79. Sabbath rest

80. warm conversations

81. weekend phone calls

82. unwavering Truth

83. raindrops clinging to bare branches

84. hum of pellet stove

85. belonging to the Beloved

86. beauty in grey skies

87. the faithful change of seasons

88. covenant relationship with God

89. Bible study since 2001

90. New discoveries in God’s Word

91. Difficult relationships that stretch us

92. finished quilt

93. laughter

94. support and care of friends

95. children’s voices in prayer

96. the privilege of mentoring

97. sale on wood pellets

98. day of accomplishment

99. car ride with friends

100. Awesome Creator who has everything under control

holy experience


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