Seasons change.   I find comfort in that.  Comfort in the predictability that after the beauty of the fall will come the chill of winter with its hope and longing for spring. Comfort in knowing that God is in control.

The past few years have been seasons of change for our family.  After years of homeschooling, my children are grown.  My daughter has married, moved several states away.  Her first son will be born within the month.  Change.  How does one maneuver through the seasons of life?  I admit there have been tears.  Even now as I type.

There have been discussions with others who do not enjoy the changing of seasons.  There are children who make poor choices; mothers who make poorer ones.  There are mothers who cling too tightly to what they had, not wanting to let go.  Can it be forever springtime?

This is the time of preparation.  Much to be done, things to make, things to purchase and prepare for the arrival of this precious little one.  Focus is on the accomplishment of all things baby, yet the mind fills with memories.  The melding of the old with the new.   A lifting up to the Set Apart One, hopes and dreams to His Care.  He orders the seasons of Life with Strength.  He has walked in each of my memories. He will walk with my daughter through her moments as a mother.  I bless Him for that.  I trust my children and my grandchildren to His care.

For His Name’s Sake.

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