As I continue to see the grace gifts that Father is lavishing around me everyday, I cannot help but think of a friend who is walking through a devastating circumstance in her life right now.  I have been trying to look at the situation from the outside and see the gifts.  But, I don’t think that would help her.  I pray that God would give her eyes to see the way He is bestowing His gifts of grace on her in the midst of the repulsive circumstances she finds herself in.  Though others may choose not to fear him, He his good and can accomplish His purposes in His time.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, all my being, His holy name.

Bless the LORD, O my soul and do not forget all His bounties.” (Psalm 103:1 JPS)

gifts #101-138

quick conviction of sin

gift of repentance

Faithful and Just who forgives

that I am not the sole person whom God can use

God’s place of those who speak life into others

rising early

morning quiet

challenge of the Word

being alone


He does not let go

husband’s care and concern


unhappy stomach that causes rest

one knitted sock finished and one nearly so

fears exposes and dealt with


His counsel

certainty of the seasons

One who orders the seasons of Life

calming music

private tears

knowing Him

being known

being understood

One who walks beside

safe arrival of quizzers

good news from faraway friend

middle of the night phone call was not an emergency

restful sleep

grateful son

husband’s good guidance

friend’s faith which encourages

corporate worship

freezer filling by other’s hunting

review discussions

Lovingkindness to those who fear Him

son who sees blessing upon blessing

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