Where I have learned the Most about Love

Welcome to my kitchen.   Things have changed a bit since this picture was taken in 2006. But, there has been one steady constant in my life.  On this Valentine’s Day I want to bless the LORD for the gift of the man you see sitting at the head of my kitchen table.  My Mr. Steady Man.

This is the man who has taught me most about Biblical love.   My husband is a man of hospitality and giving, welcoming others into our home, many times more than I would like to.  Even when he has to work long hours, he will forgo his own need for sleep if someone else has a need.

A lover of God and the Word, Buck loves to hear what other’s have been learning in Scripture and will often ask what the person he meets has been reading in the Word.  He enjoys spurring others on to feast at the table of the LORD and not to settle for the crumbs of this world.  He challenges the teens that he coaches in Bible quizzing to be known as young people who spend time in the study of Scripture and not as those who know the latest movie stars or rock stars.

A man of humility, my beloved recently shared his heart as he led at our homechurch.  We were discussing how the Israelites were sidetracked from following after God in the Book of Judges.  Buck gave an example from his own life of a temptation he faced at work.  There had been a mistake made on his paycheck in that he was overpaid a substantial amount of money.  Only he and God would have known had he kept it secret.  But, this sin would have had ramifications on his son and his grandson.  He did the right thing and reported the error.  I am grateful to be married to a man of integrity.

Over and over again my husband demonstrates Biblical love to me in covenant faithfulness.  He shields himself from the temptations of the world so that he is only for me.  He is committed to me and has stated many, many times that he will never leave me nor forsake me.  He follows this up with his actions.  He faithfully lays down his life to provide for, protect, and preserve our relationship, our home and the generations yet to come.

My husband is patient with me, knowing that God will work His purpose in me.  Buck and I both desire God’s best, not necessarily our own way.  We have grown in this together.  God has worked.

Today as I continue my list of gifts, my personal example of the heart of God is there.

“I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is Mine.” Song of Solomon 6:3

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