The Answer

I search for  the answer to the blank pages before me.  Fingers long to move. Words fail.  I hear others tell me writers face resistance. Advice in abundance. Words fail still. Until today.

It’s the same problem I have when I criticize others for things I think they should know, or do, or be.  I have this problem when I get frustrated that things aren’t going my way.  I have this problem when I think I have all the answers.  It rears its ugly head.

The fear, the frustration, the resistance, it all comes down to pride. My voice drowns out His.

My voice must be silenced to find His.

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5 Responses to The Answer

  1. Barbie says:

    Visiting from the “Write it Girl” link up! So true, if we are to hear His voice, we must get out of the way! Cute kids!

  2. jenny white says:

    Thanks, Barbie. The children are those of a close friend of mine. My friend was at a nearby auto parts store one day. I entertained the children while my husband assisted our friend. I just “happened” to have my camera along. 🙂

  3. Kim Teamer says:

    I saw your link at “Write It Girl” and followed you here. I loved reading your post. It was crisp and relevant. So true. God’s voice must guide us. He is the Master writer. We should be taking notes from Him. If not, all we hear are our own voices, which oftentimes contributes to nothing but noise.

  4. The blank page….it stares back at us doesn’t it? But there is a reason,when we writer girls can’t write. He generally has something to say to us first.

    Rich words here friend. Even in the middle of your frustration!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Christie says:

    love it! true, honest words. lovely children as well!

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